Monday, January 28, 2013

That Scene in Apocalypse Now

The first time I saw Brokeback and the scene at the Twist Farm in Wombats Grove it "really put the hook in me" about the famous "Terminate with Extreme Prejudice" scene from Apocalypse Now, and the "fade to curtains" and "cherry cake" bits were the dead gives-away to me.  Check out how the "structure" of each segment is almost identical, with the solemn similarity of the "caretaker of the memory", Willard taking the Kurtz Diary home and Ennis taking the shirts.

That is to say when Mrs Twist asked re cherry cake I figured Ang was "having a little joke" with us re "I thought we'd have a bite to eat" from the General, and I totally break up when I see that bit reversed in both videos below.

So here are the juxtapositioned movies for you - please ENJOY.
The irony here [even if a bit sick] is Willard gets a PRE-briefing about how he is to kill a fellow officer that HAL has determined has contravened Political Correctness [ie refuses to incinerate kiddies to keep J Doe happy watching on TV].  He does the job reluctantly and the whole thing is hushed up.

Ennis is in a DE-briefing about how a fellow "sheepboy" happened to be killed because he too contravened Political Correctness [ie puts his dick in the "wrong" hole].  Similarly the whole thing is hushed up.

Both men end up sadder but wiser with the job of "caretaker for the memory", and their future is totally uncertain.

Also both these events happened at essentially the same time in American history, ie one is "war" and one is "peace" but in both cases J Doe is the same person with the same prejudices.

And I don't think this irony escaped Annie/Ang as we see Jack is overjoyed he escaped the Blue Bus for Vietnam [and a 50/50 chance of death/injury] only to be killed at HOME.

And hope you liked the irony of "fishing accident on R&R" - I am sure Alma would have.

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